International workshop on COVID-19 and Long-Term Care systems: What have we learnt and what policies do we need to strengthen LTC systems?

6th and 7th December 2021

Times: 6th December, 9am to 7pm and 7th December 9am to 6pm (UK time, BST)

This two-day workshop will mark the launch of the LTCcovid International Living Report on COVID-19 and Long-Term Care and will be an opportunity to reflect on what we have learnt from the COVID-19 in Long-Term Care systems and what policies do we need to strengthen LTC systems.

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Provisional programme

Please note that this is a provisional programme, as we expect to add a few more speakers and papers over the next few days, timings may change a bit

Monday 6th December

9.00 to 10.00: Welcome and overview of International experiences (LTCcovid and OECD)


Jose-Luis Fernandez (Director, Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, LSE)

Trevor Palmer, member of the Social Care Covid Recovery and Resilience project’s Public Involvement and Engagement Group

Adelina Comas-Herrera (Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, LSE): Introduction to the LTCcovid International Living Report on COVID-19 and Long-Term Care Systems

Paola Sillitti (OECD): Overview of the OECD report on : Impact of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care (LTC), policy responses and challenges

10.00 to 11.40: Overview of country experiences (Part 1)


11.40 to 11.50: Break

11.50 to 13.00: Experiences of implementing COVID-19 related measures in care homes: impact on workforce and providers

Manuela Hoedl: Burden and consequences for nursing home staff during the first COVID-19 wave in Austria

Kathleen Lane: Understanding the lived experiences of infection-control measures in care homes for older people:  joint findings from a completed study and a related, on-going study

Diane Bunn: UndersTanding the distinct challenges for Nurses in Care Homes: LeaRnIng from COVID-19 to support resiliencE and mental wellbeing (THRIVE)

David Rowland: Assessing the Financial Impact of COVID 19 on the UK Care Home Sector

13.00 to 13.45: Towards better long-term care systems

Anna Severwright, Co-convener Social Care Future: Towards a brighter future for care

Stefania Ilinca: You can’t always get what you want: can European care systems respond to the expectations and preferences of their citizens?

13.45 to 14.00: Break

14.00 to 15.30: International initiatives to strengthen Long-Term Care Systems


Hyobum Jang (World Health Organization, Ageing and Health Unit): Framework for countries to achieve an integrated continuum of long-term care

Caitlin Littleton (HelpAge International)

Satish Mishra and Stefania Ilinca (World Health Organization, Regional Office Europe)

Pablo Ibarraran (Interamerican Development Bank): The Long-Term Care Policy Network in Latin America and the Caribbean (RedCUIDAR+)

Wendy Walker (Asian Development Bank)

Ana Llena-Nozal (OECD): Fostering a stronger long-term care sector: the role of public bodies?

15.30 to 16.00: Panel: Local government strategies to address COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities: examples from Mexico, Brazil and South Africa


Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, University of East Anglia, UK

Veronica Montes de Oca, National University Autonomous of Mexico

Gabrielle Kelly, Samson Institute for Ageing Research, South Africa 

Mônica Frank, Centro de Referência Estadual de Atenção á Saúde do Idoso, Brazil

Abstracts available here

16.00 to 16.15: Break

16.15 to 16.45: Care home visiting policies

Kate Meacock (Rights for Residents, UK): a personal experience

Janice Keefe: Family Visitation Programs During COVID-19 Long Term Care Restrictions: The Role and Experience of Staff (Canada)

Ramona Backhaus: The impact of COVID-19 vaccinations in Dutch nursing homes: Back to normal?

16.45 to 17.15: Panel: Risk Recognition Policies for the Long-Term Care Workforce During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, A Multi-Country Study  


Amy Hsu, PhD (Moderator): Bruyère Research Institute 

Sara Allin, PhD (Moderator): Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto 

Maude Laberge, PhD (Panellist): Université Laval 

Shereen Hussein, PhD (Panellist): London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 

Maya Murmann, MSc (Panellist): Bruyère Research Institute 

Anna C. Reed, MSW (Panellist): Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto

Abstracts available here

17.15 to 17.45: Panel: The experience of people with intellectual disabilities through the pandemic: findings from the UK and Ireland

Chris Hatton (UK) and Mary MacCarron (Ireland)

17.45 to 19.00: Focus on New Zealand: experiences of care home residents belonging to different ethnic groups

Gary Cheung: Overview of the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand

Jackie Robinson: The impact of quarantine restrictions on residents living in aged care facilities during the COVID19 pandemic

Gary Cheung: Impact of the first wave of COVID-19 on the health and psychosocial well-being of M?ori, Pacific Peoples and New Zealand Europeans living in aged residential care

Doris Zhang: The impact of COVID-19 lockdown on Chinese care homes in New Zealand

Tuesday 7th December

10.00 to 10.10: Welcome (Adelina Comas-Herrera)

10.10 to 11.00: Impacts of the pandemic on the Long-Term Care workforce (part I)

Conan Brady: Nursing home staff mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Republic of Ireland

Ellen Kuhlmann: Exploring new threats of COVID-19 in the LTC migrant carer workforce: a conceptual comparative framework and cross-country analysis of selected EU countries

Eileen Rocard: Rising from the COVID-19 crisis: workforce policy responses in the LTC sector (OECD)

11.00 to 12.20: Experiences of people living with dementia, and their care partners, in the community

Priya Thomas: Dementia care during the COVID-19 pandemic in India

Clarissa Giebel: COVID-19 and dementia care in the community: from UK evidence to systematically reviewing the evidence base

Cheng Shi: Does informal care compensate formal care as a consequence of COVID-19? A cross-sectional study on service utilization among community-dwelling people living with dementia in Hong Kong in the post-pandemic period

Stacey Rand: A cross-sectional study during COVID-19 of social care-related quality of life of people with dementia and their carers in England

12.20 to 12.30: Break

12.30 to 12.50: COVID-19 and people with intellectual disabilities

Monique Koks-Leensen: COVID-19 registration in people with intellectual disabilities in Dutch long-term care facilities

12.50 to 13.20: Surveillance of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities in the EU/EEA

Pete Kinross, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

13.20 to 14.00: Research evidence on COVID-19 and Long-Term Care during the pandemic, and its use to inform responses

Alex Hall: Family visits to care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic: a summary of ongoing UK research, March 2021

William Byrd: What long-term care interventions and policy measures have been studied during the Covid-19 pandemic? Findings from a rapid mapping review of the scientific evidence published during 2020

Oscar Brito Fernandes: Partnership between academia and policymakers: Example of a COVID-19 preparedness study in Portuguese nursing homes during the initial phases of the pandemic and the projects that followed

14.00 to 14.10: Break

14.10 to 15.00: Overview of country experiences (part 2)


15.00 to 15.30: Impacts of the pandemic on the Long-Term Care workforce (part II)

Eirini-Christina Saloniki and Shereen Hussein: The abuse and wellbeing of long-term care workers in the COVID-19 era: Evidence from the UK

15.30 to 16.00: Rehabilitation and recovery

Miriam Haaksma: Recovery of post-COVID-19 patients in geriatric rehabilitation: daily functioning and quality of life

16.00 to 17.30. Experiences and impacts of implementing COVID-19 related measures in care homes

Liat Ayalon: ‘We have become prisoners of our own age’: from a continuing care retirement community to a total institution in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak 

Lisa Van Tol: Isolation and distancing measures in Dutch nursing homes; the COVID-19 MINUTES study

Pau Moreno: RESICOVID-19. Evaluation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people and long-term care facilities of Catalonia and proposals for improving the care model

Karin Wolf-Ostermann: COVID-19 in German Nursing Homes – A Panel Study on Morbidity, Burden of Care and Social Isolation