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Kai Leichsenring

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European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research



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Kai Leichsenring is Executive Director at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna. His research focus is in comparative and applied social research and policy consultancy with a focus on ageing, health and long-term care, and related issues such as governance and financing, quality management, user involvement and informal care. 

Research interests
  • Long-term care systems
  • Quality management and quality assurance in LTC
  • The LTC workforce (education, training, working conditions)
  • Live-in migrant carers
  • Innovation and good practice in LTC
  • Informal care
  • Ageing in a life-course perspective
Key publications
  • ‘Fractures in the Austrian model of long-term care: What are the lessons from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic?’ (with A.E. Schmidt and H. Staflinger) in: Journal of Long-Term Care, 2021, 33-42. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31389/jltc.54
  • ‘Applying Ideal Types in Long-Term Care Analysis’ in C. Aspalter (ed.) Ideal Types in Comparative Social Policy. London 2021: Routledge, 187-206.
  • ‘A services delivery perspective to the provision of long-term care in Portugal’ (with J.E. Tello, H. Pardo-Hernandez, R. Rodrigues, S. Ilinca, M. Huber, I. Yordi Aguirre and E. Barbazza) in: Public Policy Portuguese Journal, Vol. 5(1), 2020, 8-25.
  • ‘Social Support and Long-Term Care for Older People: The Potential for Social Innovation and Active Ageing’ (with K. Schumann and M. Reichert) in A. Walker (ed.) The Future of Ageing – Making an Asset of Longevity. Singapore 2019: Palgrave Macmillan, 255-286.
  • ‘Exploring improvement plans of fourteen European integrated care sites for older people with complex needs’ (with A. Stoop, S.R. de Bruin, G. Wistow, G. Ruppe, J. Billings et al.) in: Health Policy, Vol. 123(12), December 2019, 1135-54.
  • ‘Developing integration around primary care: new professional roles and emerging professions in integrated care delivery’ (with S. Ilinca and R. Rodrigues) in: Public Health Panorama, Journal of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, Vol. 4(4) (December 2018), 615-619.
  • ‘Concepts and strategies of quality assurance in care for older people’ (with H. Nies) in T. Boll, D. Ferring and J. Valsiner (eds.) Cultures of Care in Aging. Charlotte, NC, 2018: Information Age Publishing, 347-371.
  • ‘Lessons for regulating informal markets and implications for quality assurance – the case of migrant carers in Austria’ (with A.E. Schmidt, J. Winkelmann and R. Rodrigues) in: Ageing & Society, Vol. 36(4), April 2016, 741-763.
  • ‘The Austrian Welfare State System: With Special Reference to the Long-term Care System’ in C. Aspalter (ed.) The Routledge International Handbook to Welfare State Systems. London 2017: Routledge, 258-273.
  • Long-term care in Europe – Improving Policy and Practice (ed. with J. Billings and H. Nies). Basingstoke 2013: Palgrave Macmillan.
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