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Eleonora Perobelli

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Junior Lecturer, Observatory on Long Term Care, Cergas SDA Bocconi School of Management



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At SDA Bocconi, I took part to several training activities in the field of service management, social and healthcare sector integration, monitoring of public policies, mainly targeting companies and public sector organizations of the social and Long Term Care sector. Since 2018, I have been the coordinator of executive custom courses for the top management of social housing companies.

My research interests and scientific publications mainly concern care homes research, social and healthcare sector integration, local planning of social policies and service design. I contribute yearly to the CERGAS SDA Bocconi “Rapporto OASI (Observatory on Healthcare Organizations and Policies in Italy)”, which focuses on managerial themes as well as on healthcare-related policy issues; and to the annual report of the Long Term Care Observatory, which investigates the emerging challenges and themes for LTC services’ providers.

I earned a MSc Degree in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations from Bocconi University. I am currently PhD Candidate in Management & Innovation at Catholic University of Milan.

Research interests

Care homes research
Long term care policy
Healthcare and social care integration
Long Term care systems

Research projects on COVID and Long-Term Care

Research activities from the Observatory on Long Term Care (https://www.cergas.unibocconi.eu/observatories/oltc_)

Key publications

Notarnicola, E. Perobelli, E., Rotolo, A., Berloto, S. 2021. Lessons learned from Italian nursing homes during the COVID-19 outbreak: A tale of long-term care fragility and policy failure, Journal of Long Term Care. Pp. 221-229

Berloto S., Longo F., Notarnicola E., Perobelli E., Rotolo A., Il settore sociosanitario per gli anziani a un bivio dopo l’emergenza Covid-19: criticità consolidate e prospettive di cambiamento. In CERGAS SDA Bocconi (a cura di), 2020, Rapporto OASI 2020. Milano: Egea. (in Italian)

LTCCovid contributions

Berloto, S., Notarnicola, E., Perobelli, E., Rotolo, A., 2020, Italy and the COVID-19 long-term care situation. Country report in LTCcovid.org, International Long Term Care Policy Network, CPEC-LSE, 31 July 2020

Berloto, S., Notarnicola, E., Perobelli, E., Rotolo, A. (2020). Italy: Estimates of mortality of nursing home residents linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. LTCcovid, International Long Term Care Policy Network, CPEC-LSE, 25 June 2020.