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Finding the Right Balance: Implementing Family Presence Policies in Ontario LTC Homes

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Samir Sinha
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Ryerson University
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Samir Sinha, Nathan Stall, Michael Hillmer, Lisa Levin, Susan Mills, Devora Greenspon, Sid Feldman, Rhonda Collins, Noah Ivers, Gary Naglie, Paula Rochon, Ted Cohen, Scott Ovenden, Jennie Johnstone, Kieran Quinn, Dee Lender, Samantha Peck, Nancy Cooper, Amy Coupal, Cameron Feil, Natalie Iciaszczyk
Funding information (if funded)
This project was funded by the following: CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research CIHR Institute of Gender and Health CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation
Project Summary

ThFinding the Right Balance: Implementing Family Presence in Ontario LTC homes is a multiphase project that will target LTC home residents and family caregivers across Ontario. The research settings include project multiple partner LTC homes in Ontario. The findings will be generalizable to LTC homes and congregate care facilities across Canada and internationally. The objectives of the project are threefold: 

  1. Update provincial data collection tools to capture metrics on caregiver and visitor access to LTC homes and LTC resident absences and their relationship with COVID-19 outbreaks in LTC homes. 
  2. Analyze provincial quantitative data on caregiver and visitor access and qualitative LTC home data on the barriers and facilitators to implementing family presence. 
  3. Execute and study an implementation strategy at our partner LTC homes and create a learning collaborative on implementing family presence in LTC homes across the province. 
Outputs / Expected Outputs

The research began in November 2020 and will be completed by October 2021. Currently, the expected outputs are a published research paper on the experiences of implementing best practice family presence guidelines in LTC. Additionally, much of the work will inform white papers by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) 

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Finding the Right Balance: Implementing Family Presence Policies in Ontario LTC Homes