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Maximilian Salcher-Konrad

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Research Fellow, Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, London School of Economics


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Maximilian Salcher-Konrad is a Research Fellow  at CPEC (LSE) specialising in evidence synthesis. He has led evidence-synthesis projects focusing on COVID-19 and long-term care, including a systematic review on COVID-19 infections and mortality in long-term care, and a mapping review of COVID-19 interventions in long-term care.

Research interests

Maximilian’s research interests include evidence synthesis, comparative effectiveness research, decision-making at the patient and population levels, pharmaceutical regulation and economic evaluation across a range of therapeutic areas, including dementia, cancer, and heart disease.

Research projects on COVID and Long-Term Care

Social Care COVID Recovery & Resilience: Learning lessons from international responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in long-term care systems

LTCcovid webinar presentations

COVID-19, vaccinations and immunity in care homes: emerging evidence from Chile, the UK and Canada, 12th July 2021

Key publications
  • Salcher-Konrad M, Smith S, Comas-Herrera A. Emerging Evidence on Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines Among Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 2021;22(8):1602–1603.
  • Salcher-Konrad M, Jhass A, Naci H, Tan M, El-Tawil Y, Comas-Herrera A. COVID-19 related mortality and spread of disease in long-term care: a living systematic review of emerging evidence. medRxiv. 2020; 2020.06.09.20125237.
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