Video and slides of the webinar on: COVID-19 and the care homes of the future (22nd February)

This webinar, on the 22nd February 2021, brought together international speakers who have looked at care home models from a variety of perspectives, before and during COVID-19, with the aim of reflecting on what has been learnt from the pandemic and from previous thinking about the role of communal living in the continuum of care. In the post we share the video, slides and papers presented by the speakers, and also links share by participants in the webinar.

The slides and reports or articles shared by the speakers are available here:

Adelina Comas-Herrera (Care Policy and Evaluation Centre London School of Economics) introduced the webinar, looking at projections of future numbers of people requiring 24 hour care in England, summarized a rapid review on the factors that affect COVID-19 outbreaks and mortality in care homes and discussed the challenge of changing the perception of care homes as deadly prisons.Download

Stefanie Ettelt (Care Policy and Evaluation Centre London School of Economics) discussed her work on a typology of personalized care in care homes, summarized in her recent post: “ What kind of home is a care home and what do we want it to be in future:

Thomas Grey (Trinity College, Dublin) discussed the urgent need to examine the architectural design models of nursing homes to address both long-standing concerns about the adequacy of these facilities to support quality of life, and the inadequacies highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, building on this article:

Des O’Neill brought the perspective of a number of research projects on design for dementia-friendly environments with architecture and health policy researchers. His particular interest is on the convergence between architectural design and health

Slides will be added soon

Vic Rayner (National Care Forum), discussed the Nordic Care Hotel models and other innovative approaches to care from the perspective of the English care sector.

Jimena Pascual Fernández, Director General of Planning at the Department of Social Rights and Welfare at the Government of Asturias (Spain) discussed the plans of the Asturias government to modernize the care home sector in Asturias, as outlined here:

Chris Lynch (Deputy CEO and Director of Policy & Communications at Alzheimer’s Disease International) commissioned the 2020 World Alzheimer Report, “Dignity, Design & Dementia; dementia related design and the built environment”, with direct reference to how residential care design can both exacerbate or mitigate against, challenges like the coronavirus pandemic.

The following links and resources were shared in the chat during the webinar (thanks to everyone who contributed!):

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