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Strengthening COVID-19 resilience of linguistic minorities in long-term care

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Irdissa Beogo
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Universite de Saint-Boniface
Team members
Idrissa Beogo, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Stephanie Collin, Charles Gagne, Gilbert Audette, Eric Tchouaket Ngumeleu, Drissa Sia, Daniel Lussier, Diane Tapp, Bruno Holmes, Gaetan Hache, Brigitte Paquette, Aurèle Foidart
Funding information (if funded)
This project was funded by the Canadian Institutes or Health Research.
Project Summary

Our project aims to identify and implement promising and best practices, create a community of practice to reduce social isolation and loneliness in LTC residents of linguistic and cultural minorities of Manitoba, Quebec and N-B. It is a collaborative research approach that will be used and the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) will be considered involving LTC homes residents, families, frontline workers and managers, all seen as experts. 

Outputs / Expected Outputs

The research will be completed by December 2021 and expected outputs are:

An Interactive web platform built and connecting participating LTC homes to share : 

  • Social support activities 
  • Increased virtual social activities between LTC homes residents and their families and frontline healthcare workers
  • Functioning community of practice in place to reduce social isolation and loneliness 
  • Strengthened relationship between LTC homes facilities in linguistic minority context
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Strengthening COVID-19 resilience of linguistic minorities in long-term care