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Prioritizing measures taken: Covid-19 Management In NUrsing homes by outbreak TEamS (MINUTES) follow-up study (Part 2)

Project status
Lisa van Tol
Host institution
Leiden University Medical Center, University Medical Center Groningen
Team members
Lisa van Tol MSc, Dr. Sarah Janus, Janneke Groothuijse MSc, Wendy Meester MSc, Dr. Monique Caljouw, Dr. Hanneke Smaling, Prof Sytze Zuidema, Prof. Wilco Achterberg
Funding information (if funded)
This research was supported by the Ministry of Public Health Welfare and Sport, the University Network of the Care Sector Zuid-Holland (UNC-ZH), and the University Network for care for Older persons of the University Medical Center Groningen (UNO-UMCG).
Project Summary

Dutch long term care organizations installed outbreak teams to coordinate covid-19 infection prevention and control. Outbreak teams’ minutes described a large amount of divers measures that were taken.

The aim of this follow-up study on the “Covid-19 Management In NUrsing homes by crisis TEamS” (MINUTES) study is to prioritize measures taken and to reflect upon decision making by OTs.
Panels of 4 to 7 multidisciplinary nursing home professionals (managers, physicians, nurses, support services, client representatives..) selected, discussed and prioritized measures they found important and urgent with Covid-19 outbreaks. We organized separate panels about measures regarding isolation, residents’ wellbeing, and staff.

Outputs / Expected Outputs

Expected outputs of the projects will be:

  • Prioritized measures by multidisciplinary professionals. These important and urgent measures could be recommended to other LTCs.
  • Insight into decision making by outbreak management teams
  • Preliminary factsheets are shared with national policy institutes and participating organizations as policy input, and freely available on our website.
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Prioritizing measures taken: Covid-19 Management In NUrsing homes by outbreak TEamS (MINUTES) follow-up study (Part 2)