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MedSafer- Optimizing Prescribing for Pandemic Preparedness

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Emily McDonald
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Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre
Team members
Emily McDonald, Todd Lee, Chris Brockington, James Downar, Marnie Wilson, Adam Groening, Emilie Bortolussi-Courval, Robyn Tamblyn, Allen Huang, Babak Rashidi, Peter Wu, Sydney Ross, Han Ting Wang, Lisa McCarthy, Barbara Farrell, Justin Turner, Kiran Battu, Sandra Porter, John Yip, Ted Cohen, Jonathan Sachs, Marie-France Forget, Anna Slawski, Cindy Garcia, Louise Papillon-Ferland
Funding information (if funded)
This project was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
Project Summary

This study is a partnership between MedSafer, Point Click Care (PCC) and two Ontario long term care homes (Hillel Lodge in Ottawa and Kensington Gardens in Toronto). Providing comprehensive medication management is critical during the pandemic to optimize the care received by older adults, who are at high risk of COVID-19 complications. We previously integrated MedSafer, a software for deprescribing, into the PCC electronic medical record. We will be piloting the integration of the software into the workflow of two long term care homes during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to test the feasibility and user experience of providing electronic decision support for medication management, in order to improve care during and beyond COVID-19. This process is expected to decrease harmful or unnecessary medications, improve staff safety and efficiency and lead to better outcomes for residents.

Outputs / Expected Outputs

The research will be completed by January 2022 and expected outputs are:

  1. Provide medication management reports to long term care homes during the pandemic
  2. Test feasibility of providing medication management during the pandemic
  3. Test MedSafer integration in Point Click Care
  4. Improve the user experience with MedSafer integrated in Point Click Care
  5. Increase deprescribing during the pandemic for vulnerable populations in long term care
  6. Decrease unnecessary time spent on dispensing and monitoring of potentially inappropriate medications or medications of little added value (improve staff efficiency and maximize safety during the pandemic)
  7. Improve outcomes for residents of long-term care homes during the pandemic and for the future
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MedSafer- Optimizing Prescribing for Pandemic Preparedness