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Long-term care and COVID-19 – a Scoping review

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Tine Rostgaard
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Department of Social work, Stockholm University
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Professor emerita Marta Szebehely Dr. Elin Peterson
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Swedish research council FORTE
Project Summary

Long-term care services, in particular care homes, have been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic but to varying degree across countries. Between 0 and 80% of all cases of COVID-19 deaths have occurred among care home residents, while it is currently under-researched how home care users and LTC staff are affected. There is also considerable variation in the timing, sequencing and content of measures applied, on a general societal level, as well as in those applied in the LTC sector specifically, such as care home lock-downs and access to PPE and testing.

There is urgent need for policy makers and LTC provider organizations to learn from the emerging evidence, not the least in Sweden with comparably high death rates in society as a whole and in the LTC sector. Therefore, the aim of this scoping review is to identify and learn in a systematic way how older LTC users especially but also care workers and whole provider organizations are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures introduced. The review will focus on different measures and their effect on disease spreading and mortality among users and staff, as well as the effect on wellbeing and Quality of Life among users. When possible, the review will consider variation related to gender, class, ethnicity, and region in user outcomes.

We will map the emerging body of evidence, identify research gaps, and make recommendations for future research. The review is used also to inform six case studies (D, DK, ES, N, S, UK), presenting a time line of measures introduced and infection and mortality rates in LTC. In comparison to the review, this will have the country as a focus and will provide a more in-depth understanding of the relations between measures and outcomes, which will allow us to report on best  practices and knowledge gaps.

Outputs / Expected Outputs

The results of the review as well as the case study will be presented in two academic articles, and in a Swedish report and public event for national and local policy makers and LTC organizations.


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Long-term care and COVID-19 – a Scoping review