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Tine Rostgaard

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Roskilde University



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Tine holds a Ph.D. in comparative welfare analysis and specializes in analysis of care policies and practices in child care and long-term care for older people. She works with qualitative as well as quantitative methods in her research and evaluations. She is about to start up a larger, comparative project on resilience in ageing, funded by the Swedish research council FORTE.

Research interests

Long-term care policies and practices, including reablement, frailty, demography and healthy ageing, governance and steering, welfare professions, formal/informal care giving and care work, care related quality of life (ASCOT), quality of care and quality systems.

Research projects on COVID and Long-Term Care

With colleagues Elin Peterson and Marta Szebehely, I conduct a systematic review of COVID-19 and long-term care for older people. 

Key publications

 Daly, Leon, Pfau-Effinger,  Ranci. & Rostgaard (forthcoming) COVID-19 and Policies for Care Homes in European Welfare States: Too little, too late?, Journal of European Social Policy.

Rostgaard & Ejrnæs (2021) How Different Parental Leave Schemes Create Different Take-up Patterns: Denmark in Nordic Comparison,  Social Inclusion.

Hjelmar & Rostgaard (2020) Supplemental home care and toppingup: A shift from service universalism towards a new and privatised public service model? International Journal of Social Welfare. 29, 2

Rostgaard, T. (2021) Nordisk äldreomsorg i stöpsleven, I: Socialpolitik. 2

Eydal, G. & Rostgaard, T. (eds.). (2018)  Handbook of Family Policy. Edward Elgar.

Eydal, G. & Rostgaard, T. (eds.). (2014) Fatherhood in the Nordic Welfare States. Comparing Care Policies and Practice. Policy Press/Bristol University Press