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Miroslav Cangar

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Social inclusion expert, Social Work Advisory Board



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Miroslav Cangr is a social worker, social inclusion expert and he works currently as director of social services department at Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Slovak republic. He worked in Social Work Advisory Board in Slovakia since 2003 as a senior consultant, supervisor, lecturer and social inclusion expert. He has extensive experience in individual planning for people with disability, social services, quality and deinstitutionalization. He was working for Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Slovak republic, where he was responsible for development and implementation of transition from institutional to community-based care. He frequent speaks at different national and international events about deinstitutionalization, human rights in social services and community services. He is active lecturer and author of several publications about social services. He specializes at individual support planning for people with disabilities, deinstitutionalization, community services, quality of social services and integrated care.

Research interests

Community-based care, long-term care, deinstitutionalization, quality of care, individual planing, inclusion of people with disability