Lenore de la Perrelle

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Lenore de la Perrelle

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Post-doctoral Research Associate Flinders University South Australia



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Lenore has worked in aged care and dementia care for over 15 years developing innovative services, upskilling staff and improving quality of care. She completed her PhD in 2021 and now researches trauma-informed aged care and post-diagnosis interventions for people with dementia. She provides professional Social Work services to long term care residents and families.

Research interests

Post-diagnostic interventions for people with dementia

Developing improved models of aged care and innovative services

Mental Health in Ageing and dementia

Co-design and public involvement in dementia research

Research projects on COVID and Long-Term Care

Case studies of the impact of lockdowns and isolation during CoVid 19 pandemic for older people and people with dementia in South Australia: data collection

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None on CoVid 19

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professional support to LTC, residents and families