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Chris Hatton

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Professor of Social Care, Dept of Social Care and Social Work, Manchester Metropolitan University


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Chris is a Professor of Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University. For over 30 years he has been involved in research with people with learning disabilities, focusing on the pervasive inequalities that people experience and evaluating the impact of policies and service practices on people’s lives.

Research interests

People with learning disabilities
Social care services
Health inequalities
Social inequalities
Impact of COVID-19

Research projects on COVID and Long-Term Care

Chris is (with Professor Richard Hastings at the University of Warwick) joint Principal Investigator on a UKRI/NIHR funded project to track the experiences of adults with learning disabilities across the UK through the COVID-19 pandemic. The UK-wide academic team and partner organisations have been crucial to this project successfully recruiting and interviewing/surveying over 500 adults with learning disabilities and 300 family members/support workers on three occasions, most recently in July/August 2021. More details are available on the LTC-COVID website and the project website.

Key publications

Flynn, S., Hayden, N., Clarke, L., Caton, S., Hatton, C., Hastings, R. P., Abbott, D., Beyer, S., Bradshaw, J., Gillooly, A., Gore, N., Heslop, P., Jahoda, A., Maguire, R., Marriott, A., Oloidi, E., Paris, A., Mulhall, P., Scior, K., Taggart, L., & Todd, S. (2021). Coronavirus and people with learning disabilities study Wave 3 Results: September 2021 (Full Report). Coventry, UK: University of Warwick. ISBN: 978-1-871501-37-7

Hatton C, Bailey T, Bradshaw J, Caton S, Flynn S, Gillooly A, Jahoda A, Maguire R, Marriott A, Mulhall P, Oloidi E, Taggart L, Todd S, Abbott D, Beyer S, Gore N, Heslop P, Scior K, Hastings RP (2021). The willingness of UK adults with intellectual disabilities to take COVID-19 vaccines. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 65(11), 949-961.

LTCCovid contributions

Comas-Herrera A, Glanz A, Curry N, Deeny S, Hatton C, Hemmings N, Humphries R, Lorenz-Dant K, Oung C, Rajan S & Suarez-Gonzalez A (2020). The COVID-19 Long-Term Care situation in England: 19 November update. London: International Long Term Care Policy Network.