Cassandra Simmons

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Cassandra Simmons

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European Centre for Social Welfare Policy & Research


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Cassandra Simmons is a Researcher at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy & Research, based in Vienna, Austria. Her work focuses on comparative and quantitative analysis of health and long-term policies, with a focus on inequalities in health and long-term care, financing of long-term care, long-term care workforce and informal care.

Research interests

Inequalities in health and long-term care
Financing long-term care
Long-term care workforce
Informal care
Quantitative methods

Key publications

Simmons, C., Rodrigues, R., & Szebehely, M. (forthcoming). Working conditions in the long-term care sector: A comparative study of migrant and native workers in Austria and Sweden. Health Soc Car Community.

Rodrigues, R., Simmons, C., Schmidt, A.E., & Steiber, N. (2021). Care in times of COVID-19: the impact of the pandemic on informal caregiving in Austria. Eur J Ageing 18, 195–205.

Simmons, C., Leichsenring, K., Navarini, L. & Rodrigues, R. (2020). Co-financing residential care for older people: models and equity implications, Policy Brief 2020/4. Vienna: European Centre.