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Carlos Chirinos

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Associate professor, Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work Department, Rovira i Virgili University


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Carlos Chirinos have participated in cultural research in health and disease, childcare, and public policy in rural Andes and Amazonian contexts in Peru since 2008. His current interests are focused on long-term care studies in aging processes in the Spanish context.

Research interests

Ageing; family; medical anthropology; embodiment; gender, illness.

Research projects on COVID and Long-Term Care
  • ModelCare R&D project (2021), “The long-term care model in transition: the impact of COVID-19 on the family organization of care”. PI: Montserrat Soronellas and Yolanda Bodoque.
  • CUMADE project (2020) of the Supera CRUE Santander fund, “Care matters. Gender impact on caregivers of the elderly and dependents in times of Covid-19”. PI: Dolors Comas-d’Argemir.
LTCcovid webinar presentations
  • Experiences of elderly caregiver spouses in situations of illness and disability. The figure of the “caring self.” Communication. In: XV ASAEE Anthropology Congress, Madrid, Spain. February 1, 2, and 3, 2021.
  • Caring for the elderly: materiality, spaces, and individuals involved. Communication. In: EASA 2020. New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe, Lisbon, Portugal. June 21, 22, 23, and 24, 2020.
Key publications
  • Chirinos, C. (2021) “From family care to community care. Reflections on a local initiative for care in contexts of disability and aging”. In: Aramburu, Mikel and Bofill, Sílvia (eds.), Senses of injustice, senses of crisis: conceptual tensions and ethnographic approaches.Barcelona: Edicions Universitat de Barcelona, pp. 293-311.
  • Soronellas-Masdeu, M.; Chirinos, C.; Alonso, N. and Comas-d’Argemir, D. (2021). “Men, care, and old age: a mosaic of care resources”. In: Bella, Ana; Contreras, Raúl y Contreras, Jessica (eds.), Earn a living. Social reproduction in the contemporary world, UNAM, pp. 209-235.
  • Chirinos, C. (2019) Reflections on the autoethnographic method: the role of emotions in the construction of anthropological knowledge. In: Alegre, Elisa and Fernández, Sam (eds.) Autoethnographies, Bodies and Emotions (I) Methodological perspectives in health research. Tarragona: Medical Anthropology Collection. URV Publications, pp. 115-126. Link.
  • Comas d’Argemir, D. and Chirinos, C. (2017) Unpaid care work: experiences and perceptions of caregivers in family contexts. Revista Murciana de Antropología, 24: 65-86. Link.
  • Chirinos, C. (2016). Cancer and family care: an approach to the functions, motivations and perceptions of family care in women with cervical cancer in Peru. Revista Arxiu Etnografia Catalunya, 16: 33-58. Link.