Resource: Advice cards for carers, humanitarian agencies, communities and people living with dementia in times of crisis (Alzheimer’s Disease International)

Alzheimer’s Disease International have developed a set of cards with advice those involved in humanitarian responses, including information on how to identify people with dementia (a “hidden disability”), how to communicate with them clearly, guidance and support and advice on mobility, food, drink and hygiene, and how to support their carers.

The cards are currently available in Ukrainian and English and can be downloaded as a pdf, .mp4 or a .gif. They are also being translated into other languages, see ADI’s website for updates:


pdf cards in English:…-cards-English-1.pdf

pdf cards in Ukrainian:…-cards-Ukrainian.pdf

mp4 cards in English:…-cards-English.mp4

mp4 cards in Ukrainian:…-cards-Ukrainian-Mp4.mp4

.gif in English:…-cards-English.gif

.gif in Ukrainian:…-cards-Ukrainian-gif.gif

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