Webinar announcement: Social infrastructures for a post-covid world (LSE Covid and Care Research group), 12th July 1.30 GMT

The LSE Covid and Care Research group is hosting a webinar on Monday 12thJuly at 12-1.30pm BST on social infrastructures for a post-covid world as part of the LSE Public Lecture Program to launch a report based on the findings from the latest phase of their research. The event will be an exciting panel discussion with a number of high profile local and national policymakers and academics, who will discuss the merits of investing in social infrastructures during the post-covid recovery in the UK.


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed both how essential and how fractured Britain’s systems of social care and community health are and the racial and economic divides that determine who is able to access them. It has also, paradoxically shown some ways forward for community engagement as local authorities, the NHS and community groups have built new caring relationships that have saved lives and generated mutual support. This event brings together a diverse range of speakers involved in these policies and local initiatives to move beyond recovery and renewal from COVID-19 and question what equitable social infrastructures might look like in a post-covid world.

The event also marks the launch of the LSE Covid and Care Research Group’s second report, based on deep ethnographic and qualitative research across the UK. It hopes to set an agenda for investment, research and policy for both central government and local authorities.

More information about the event, a link to the speaker profiles and to register is here.

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