Elder Care providers and COVID-19: Cross-cultural perspectives research report (summary)

The Global Ageing Network released ELDER CARE PROVIDERS & COVID-19: Cross- Cultural Perspectives. With support from LeadingAge and Standards Wise InternationalDr. Emi Kiyota, an environmental gerontologist and organizational culture change specialist, examined how elder care providers in 11 countries responded to the challenges posed by COVID-19 in residential settings such as nursing homes or group homes. Their insights have the potential to help all providers around the world become better prepared for future health crises.

The coronavirus pandemic shed light on inequities among elder care providers in different parts of the world. These inequities include the financial resources needed, but not always available, to tackle the coronavirus and access needed resources, including medical care, workforce, training and education, testing, and technology. The pandemic also revealed how unprepared elder care systems were to respond promptly to challenges that require global coordination. The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a good example of this lack of preparedness. As the COVID-19 crisis developed, providers and policy makers faced urgent questions about how to keep the coronavirus out of care settings, identify infections as early as possible, and prevent spread of the virus.

To respond to these urgent challenges, providers implemented in-service staff training and education, changed their staffing patterns, or added handwashing and screening stations to protect residents and staff. Some new practices, while perhaps needed to save lives, seriously eroded quality of life for residents and clients.

The full report is available here

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