Emerging evidence on reduction in COVID-19 infections in nursing homes with the first dose of vaccine (US)

The Center for Health Policy Evaluation in Long-Term Care have published a report comparing the weekly rate of new COVID infections among staff and residents in nursing homes that had held a first vaccine clinic, compared to nursing homes in the same county that had not held a vaccine clinic yet.

They found that the rate of COVID-19 cases among staff and residents decreased faster in the 797 homes that had completed a first vaccine clinic with the Pfizer vaccine, than in the 1,709 facilities that had not held a clinic yet.

Three weeks after the 1st vaccine clinics:

  • Vaccinated nursing homes experienced a 45% decline in new cases of infection among their residents, compared to a 21% decline in nonvaccinated nursing homes.
  • Among staff, cases of infection declined by 33% in vaccinated nursing homes, compared to 18% in non-vaccinated care homes.
Source: Domi M, Leitson M, Gifford D, Sreenivas K (2021) Nursing Home Resident and Staff Covid-19 Cases After the First Vaccination Clinic. Center for Health Policy Evaluation in Long-Term Care, p.7 Available at

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