Any LTC Stakeholder, Anywhere in the World – ASKLTC: An invitation to complete and share a time-limited, WHO-sponsored Survey of Ethics-Related Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Ethics Quality Improvement Lab (@EthicsQI) team: Paula Chidwick (@PMCEthics), Jill Oliver (@joethics), Angel Petropanagos (@APetropanagos), Preet Gandhi (@PreetsTweets101), Nipa Chauhan (@NipaChauhan), Theresa Nitti (@NittiTheresa), and Darren Bugaresti.

The Ethics Quality Improvement Lab team at William Osler Health System (Ontario, Canada) recently won the World Health Organization Health Ethics and Governance Unit and PHEPREN (the Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Ethics Network) bid for projects addressing ethical aspects of public health preparedness and response to COVID-19. This project investigates ethical issues faced in long term care settings in low, middle, and high income countries.

The Ethics Quality Improvement Lab hopes to discover what ethical issues long term care residents, their families, the staff, physicians, and other stakeholders have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic so that they can help better inform the WHO’s future guidance in public health emergencies. 

This survey offers the opportunity to ask which ethical issues are identified by stakeholders across the globe so that relevant similarities and differences can be identified.  These learnings can also help to inform future ethical guidance in various communities.

Please complete, share, and distribute this survey widely.

We invite any LTC stakeholder, anywhere in the world to complete this short, confidential 5-minute survey with only 1 question.  The survey will remain open until the end of February 2021.

This survey is available in 8 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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