Updated report: COVID-19 situation in Brazilian care homes and actions taken to mitigate infection and reduce mortality

Patrick A. Wachholz, Cleusa P. Ferri, Elaine Mateus, Fabiana da Mata, Paulo J.F. Villas-Boas, Helena A.W.Watanabe, Déborah Oliveira

The full report is available here:

Key messages:

  • There are no official data on the number of cases and mortality related to COVID-19 in Brazilian care homes, nor on the profile of the residents who have died.
  • There are multiple barriers and challenges to overcome in order to integrate national notification systems with long-term care organizations.
  • Estimates based on data collated informally by the researchers showed that there have been over 4,015 confirmed cases and 937 deaths in Brazilian care homes, which represents a lethality rate of 23.33%.
  • Nearly 65% of care home managers reported to be currently experiencing financial difficulties, and the Brazilian economy is expected to contract 7.4-9.1% in 2020.

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