New report: The COVID-19 Long-Term Care situation in Turkey

Ba?ak Akkan and Cemre Canbazer (Bo?aziçi University Social Policy Forum)

The full report on the COVID-19 Long-Term care situation is available here:

Key findings:

  • As of June 10, Turkey has ranked the 11th country in terms of the highest number of COVID-19 cases. The mortality rate has been low (even given the likelihood of underreporting) partly due to the demographic characteristics, early lockdown measures, and health sector capacity enhanced by the private investment of recent years.
  • A strict lockdown measure (curfew) for people 65+ and children under 20 was in effect between March 22 and June 9. Lockdown measures have been successful in first reducing and then bringing under control the transmission numbers. Yet, age-based curfew has also been denounced by the NGOs advocating for elderly rights. 
  • Along with the two guides circulated by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services strict prevention and protection measures have been enforced in the care facilities. The visits have been suspended, the residents have been closely monitored (through symptomatic checks and tests) and the suspect cases have been transferred to the hospitals immediately. The staff worked on stable 14-day shifts and were tested before being admitted to the nursing homes.  
  • Day-care centres have been temporally closed. The home-based care services of the municipalities have continued.

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