New country report: The Long-Term Care situation in Indonesia

Tara P. Sani, Marselia Tan, Kevin Kristian Rustandi, Yuda Turana

Key findings:

  • There is limited data and information on people needing long-term care who are affected by COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 cases have spread to all 34 provinces in Indonesia. As of 28 May 2020, there are 24,538 confirmed cases, 6,240 recoveries (25.4% of confirmed cases) and 1,496 deaths (6.1%). Older people (defined as aged 60 and above) made up the biggest proportion of deaths (43.6%).
  • The government of Indonesia has taken several measures to reduce the spread of the virus, starting from establishing a National COVID-19 Task Force, issuing regulations to implement regional partial lockdowns, as well as issuing clinical guidelines and protocols for prevention and management of the virus and for adapting to a ‘new normal’.
  • There has been no specific guideline or protocol regarding COVID-19 prevention and management or for long-term care system users in general. However, there are protocols and education materials issued to support vulnerable population groups who might be in need of long-term care, such as older people and people with disability in institutional care settings. There are also guidelines for the protection of women with disabilities and older women.

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