How has COVID-19 affected UK care staff? Invitation to participate in a survey to understand care staff experiences and support needs

COVID Trauma Response Working Group

There has been increasing recognition of the contribution that social care staff are making to the COVID-19 response.  Importantly, this has also led to a better public awareness of their skill and dedication which will hopefully be seized to elevate the status of long term care and enhance future collaborative working across health and social care.

Alongside the recognition of the crucial role played by care home staff, there has been an awareness of the unique challenges faced by this group.  Many will be shared by staff working in health and hospital settings, but some, like the experience of bereavements in the context of close relationships with residents sometimes stretching over years will be unique. 

Work by the COVID Trauma Response Working Group has recognised these unique challenges and led to the development of these guidelines for managers and service planners concerned with looking after care home staff.  This work drew on research literature, academic, clinical and lived experience.   

The Trauma Response Working Group are keen to develop their work by exploring the mental health impact of the current COVID-19 crisis on staff, but most importantly what helps staff cope and what type of support is most useful to them. 

They would like to hear from any UK based frontline health and social care workers, including nurses, healthcare assistants, activity workers, receptionists, porters,  cleaners, managers, and anyone working in a frontline role in response to COVID-19 who would be willing to take part in either: 

  • Frontline-COVID: A 10-15 minute survey, with brief follow ups for up to 6 months, to help us to track experiences and views about psychosocial support over time. Potential participants can click here: Frontline-COVID Survey and/or 
  • A one off 30-minute interview about their experiences and views of psycho-social support. Interested participants can email Dr Jo Billings on  

Further information about the research and how to take part can be found on our website or on twitter @TraumaGroupUK  

It is really crucial that the voice of social care staff is heard in this research, so that we can ensure that their needs are considered in the way services are offered in the future.         

If you or your colleagues have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the research team. 

With many thanks, 

Dr Jo Billings 

Dr Talya Greene 

Dr Michael Bloomfield 

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