Updated country report for Germany: more financial support, bonus payments for care staff and easing of restrictions on care home visits

Klara Lorenz-Dant (CPEC, London School of Economics and Political Science)

Since the last update, a number of changes have occurred in Germany. New legislation has been implemented that extends services available for people with care needs and their unpaid carers. This involves extending care support payments (Pflegeunterstützungsgeld)  and the right to stay away from work due to an acute care situation for up to 20 days.

In addition, care workers across the country will be receiving a one-off bonus (up to €1,000) to recognise their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of federal states have already announced that they will top-up the bonus so that care staff can receive a tax and social security tax free amount of up to €1,500.

Furthermore, as some restrictions across the countries are being eased, care and nursing homes across Germany have started to allow their residents to have visitors. This requires the implementation of complex safety and protection plans and considerable managerial effort but enables residents to have regular face-to-face contact with a close relative or friends again.

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