Updated report on South Korea with new data on COVID-19 deaths linked to care homes

Hongsoo Kim (Seoul National University)
7th May 2020

This updated report on South Korea provides new data on the numbers of people who died with COVID-19 and who are presumed to have been infected in nursing homes or long-term care hospitals.

South Korea took decisive action to contain COVID-19 infections in care homes. On the 29th January, the government had introduced a monitoring system to check social welfare facilities’ compliance with infection control guidelines.

So far, of 247 deaths linked to COVID-19 in South Korea on the 30th of April, 20 (8.1%) were people presumed to have been infected in nursing homes, and another 64 (25.9%) in Long-Term Care Hospitals. Deaths in both types of settings would amount to 37.6% of the total. However, there were no deaths in nursing homes as all residents with potential COVID infections were transferred to hospitals.

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