Ethical framework for health policy during a pandemic (Government of Ireland)

An ethical framework to guide policymakers and healthcare planners is available for download from the Government of Ireland’s website responding to COVID-19.  Key principles in the framework include:

  • Minimising harm: When imposing restrictions, inform people why this is necessary for public health  
  • Proportionality: The least restrictive methods possible should be utilized to protect public health
  • Solidarity: We must set aside self-interest, territorial focus, etc. to work collaboratively
  • Fairness: Resource allocation must be intentional to give equal access to all
  • Duty to provide care: Clinical staff, non-clinical healthcare workers, carers and family members
  • Reciprocity: Society must support those with disproportionate burden
  • Privacy: Health information may be shared on a limited basis for the benefit of public health

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