COVID-19 and end-of-life questions in a care home in Switzerland

The SRF (Swiss radio) published an interview on how a care home in Switzerland is supporting residents in communicating with their relatives while they cannot receive visitors and how the institution addresses potential COVID-19 infections and end-of-life questions in a situation where residents may not be able to go to hospital with residents and their families.

  • The institution supports residents in connecting with relatives via Skype or Facetime
  • The institution wrote to relatives encouraging them to discuss the illness and potential consequences with the resident
  • The difficult decision whether to transfer a sick person to hospital is usually made together with relatives, however, a transfer to hospital may not be possible if a resident develops COVID-19.
  • In the case of an infection the institution would speak with the resident, their relatives and the family physician as well as consult the advance directive.
  • Palliative care was emphasised to ensure that those affected do not suffer from pain or difficulties with breathing. (in German)

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