COVID-19: Call for policy action to protect people with disability (CRE-DH, Australia)

The Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (an academic research center which aims to identify cost-effective policies that improve the health of people with disabilities in Australia) published a call for policy action to protect people with disability from COVID-19. It previously reported on the lack of accessible testing and health care services for people with disabilities, in addition to the lack of support for clinicians providing services to people with disabilities.

  • Recommends the organisation of a Committee of expert advisers knowledgeable in disability and health service provision
  • Recommends COVID-19 health care plans directed towards adults with complex disabilities to implement social distancing and hygiene measures
  • Recommends to increase the scale of telehealth consultations to adults with disabilities
  • Recommends to provide personal protective equipment to and guarantee incomes of families and carers of adults with disabilities

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