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COVID-19 Care Home Sector Study

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Fiona Marshall
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School of Medicine, University of Nottingham
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Dr Fiona Marshall Prof. Adam Gordon
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We are aware that many care home staff are finding it very challenging to respond to the pandemic in many ways. These include following evidenced-based guidelines and managing their fears in their day to day work. We wish to invite a wide range of providers working across the region who provide care towards vulnerable people living in residential settings, their own homes and supported housing to share the ways in which they have responded to the pandemic. We want to understand the different ways in which they have sought up-to-date information, the usefulness of that information and the ways in which they have used this to share their knowledge and expertise with others across the sectors.

During the pandemic, we will produce resources where gaps have been identified in knowledge and facilitate practical evidenced-based solutions to the problems facing the care home sectors. We will also determine if longer-term lessons can be learnt about bridging the gaps within and between different health and social care providers.


Outputs / Expected Outputs
Marshall, F., Gordon, A., Gladman, J. et al. Care homes, their communities, and resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic: interim findings from a qualitative study. BMC Geriatr 21, 102 (2021).


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COVID-19 Care Home Sector Study