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Coronavirus and dementia in care homes

Project status
Andrea Capstick
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University of Bradford
Team members
Dr Andrea Capstick (contact person) Dr Ana Barbosa Dr Giorgia Previdoli Mrs Clare Mason
Funding information (if funded)
University of Bradford Covid-19 Response and Recovery fund (£5820)
Project Summary

Between July and November 2020, twenty practitioners working in care homes or allied services took part in a series of interviews, focus groups and photovoice exercises in order to communicate their lived experience of the coronavirus pandemic.  Three family members of people with dementia who are or were living in care homes during the pandemic also took part as experts by experience.

Outputs / Expected Outputs

The research team and a number of participants have contributed to a regular blog series on various aspects of coronavirus and dementia in care homes which can be found here

We are currently analysing the data and aim to disseminate the findings by means of at least one conference and one journal article in the coming year.

We are also in the process of putting together a booklet about the study for care homes.



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Coronavirus and dementia in care homes