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Caring behind closed doors

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Rachael Graham
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Carers UK
Team members
Emily Holzhausen, Rachael Graham, Ruby Peacock, John Perryman, Ben Hall and Christine Casely
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Carers UK
Project Summary

Carers UK’s ‘Caring Behind Closed Doors’ work involved two online surveys in Spring and Autumn 2020, with 5,047 and 5,904 respondents respectively, designed to capture and draw attention to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on unpaid carers across the UK. The first survey focused on the initial ways in which the pandemic affected carers’ lives (for example increased costs, difficulties accessing supplies), whereas the six months on report was able to reflect on the ongoing impact on mental and physical health and carers’ needs for support during the approaching winter months.

Outputs / Expected Outputs

Already available (report 1 was published in April 2020, report 2 published October 2020).
Report 1 – Caring Behind Closed Doors (April 2020) – | Report 2 – Caring Behind Closed Doors, Six Months On (October 2020) –

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Caring behind closed doors