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BrainLive: Connecting Families Living with Dementia in Pandemic Situations and Beyond

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Dr Gloria HY Wong
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The University of Hong Kong
Team members
Principal Investigator: Dr Gloria HY Wong Co-investigators: Professor Aimee Spector, Dr Ruizhi Dai, Professor Doris SF Yu, Dr Anthony PH Kong, Dr Hao Luo, Professor Martin Knapp, Professor Terry YS Lum Project manager: Mr. Jacky CP Choy
Funding information (if funded)
Simon K.Y. Lee Foundation, a Hong Kong based philanthropic foundation with a mission to improve the well-being of the elderly and enhance the access to quality education by underprivileged children.
Project Summary

BrainLive, funded the Simon K.Y. Lee Foundation, is a 2-year project that mainly aims to develop a best practice model of barrier-free online dementia community support service using information and communications technology (ICT) and productive ageing to deliver intervention and care. In 2 years, we will develop a tested model that is effective and equitable, with good economic value for society, and ready to be widely implemented in various community service settings. The project targets to test the feasibility, acceptability and sustainability of an online community-based dementia service model consisting of a package of evidence-based social care and intervention services for families living with dementia delivered via ICT tools with trained young-old volunteers support, with the following objectives: 1) ensure access to evidence-based intervention and care under infection control situations; 2) prepare families living with dementia and service providers for future remote service development by enhancing their ICT literacy in the post-pandemic era; 3) build capacity of the community to care for families living with dementia by developing young-old volunteers for remote dementia service; 4) promote innovations by NGOs to explore full potentials of ICT-enriched service for continued service, including involvement of carers in the long-term; and 5) identify using service data the best combination of the standard service package and other infrastructure and support for an optimised model to recommend in Hong Kong.

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Expected Sep 2022


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BrainLive: Connecting Families Living with Dementia in Pandemic Situations and Beyond