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Barriers and facilitators to reducing COVID-19 transmission in care homes: a qualitative exploration and survey

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Diane Bunn
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University of East Anglia
Team members
Professor Iain Lake, Dr Diane Bunn, Dr Julii Brainard, Dr Kathleen Lane, Dr Charlotte Salter
Funding information (if funded)
NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Emergency Preparedness at the University of East Anglia
Project Summary

The aim of this study is to extend our awareness of how care-home staff are coping with infection-control mitigation measures, so that we can identify issues facing care home (CH) workers and managers in delivering the safest possible care to their residents during the COVID-19 crisis and the challenges these may pose.  We propose an online survey to provide broad insights, followed by key informant interviews to explore lived experiences in depth.  Together, these will provide valuable insights into our understandings of the practicalities and challenges around transmission mitigation measures – the barriers and facilitators to limiting the spread of COVID-19.

To complete the survey, please click on this link.

We would also like to interview some care home staff by telephone or online. Online platforms may be Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp, but others may be available. The choice will depend on what you prefer and whether the researcher has access to the same technology. If you are interested in this part please contact Dr Julii Brainard ( or Dr Diane Bunn ( at the University of East Anglia for further information.

Outputs / Expected Outputs

When are outputs expected: April 2021

Other relevant publications from the team:
Brainard, J., Rushton, S., Winters, T., Hunter, P. R., Rushton, S., Winters, T., & Hunter, P. R. (2020). Introduction to and spread of COVID-19 in care homes in Norfolk, UK. Journal of Public Health. doi:

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Barriers and facilitators to reducing COVID-19 transmission in care homes: a qualitative exploration and survey