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1.02. Long-Term Care system governance

The Government of the Seychelles has recently unified health and social care in a Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. This new Ministry has an opportunity to strengthen long-term care governance and to develop plans to ensure the quality and financial sustainability of long-term care in years to come (source:

Update for: Seychelles   Last updated: January 6th, 2022

1.04. Approach to care provision, including sector of ownership

The right to health care and social protection for all citizens is enshrined in the Seychelles’ Constitution of 1993. A number of government-funded long-term care services are available, including both home care and residential services. Long-term care provision remains mainly in the public sector, with some involvement of civil society and limited participation of the private sector. The country’s home care scheme was established in 1987. This programme makes it possible for people to remain at home rather than using residential or institution-based care. Caregivers are chosen by the beneficiary, usually a family member of the older person (source:

Public residential facilities take the form of regional homes for older people and one 136-bed long- term care nursing facility. The regional homes usually consist of ten single-occupancy independent living units. Residents do not pay rent but are responsible for living costs. The country’s sole long-term nursing facility is in high demand: the waiting list is long (source:

Update for: Seychelles   Last updated: January 6th, 2022