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1.01. Population size and ageing context

The Government of Mauritius foresees rising rates of dementia and disability and increased overall demand for long-term care. It is planning for a 52% increase in publicly funded residential bed capacity by 2030 (source:

Update for: Mauritius   Last updated: August 3rd, 2021

1.02. Long-Term Care system governance

A national policy on the elderly (2001) has been adopted. There is a Protection of Elderly Persons Act 2005, which is aimed at protecting older people from all forms of neglect and abuse. Older people are afforded further rights and protections in the more general National Human Rights Action Plan (2012–2020). The Government of Mauritius oversees and funds many aspects of health and social care for older people. Day care centres offer recreational and educational programmes throughout the country. Those with demonstrated need receive free assistive devices and home health visits (source:

The Residential Care Homes Act 2003 was enacted in order to establish standards and codes of practice and to monitor the quality of care delivered in private homes. Regular inspections of both public and private homes help to ensure that residents receive adequate care (source:

Update for: Mauritius   Last updated: January 6th, 2022

1.04. Approach to care provision, including sector of ownership

LTC is typically viewed as a family responsibility, although this is being challenged as society undergoes change. The government acknowledges that family caregivers require support and allocates a monthly allowance to caregivers of older people experiencing significant declines in capacity. Some efforts have been made to provide practical training to family caregivers. A number of residential facilities also exist. Currently, approximately 25 charitable homes are operated by nongovernmental organizations and funded by the government. Nursing and medical care is provided on site. Access to these homes is first-come, first-served and based on means testing. Overall, the demand for admission into these homes far outweighs their bed capacity. The number of private retirement homes, for those who can afford them, has increased in recent years (source:

Update for: Mauritius   Last updated: January 6th, 2022