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1.02. Long-Term Care system governance

Public LTC expenditure in Lithuania represented 1.0% of Gross Domestic Product in 2016 (source: European Commission: The 2018 Ageing Report).

Update for: Lithuania   Last updated: February 10th, 2022

1.05. Quality and regulation in Long-term care

There are two different quality-assurance systems for LTC, integrated within either the healthcare system or welfare social services. Some quality requirements are enshrined in national law, while others are defined by municipalities or service-providers themselves including national quality regulations of LTC (e.g. hygiene norms) (source: European Commission: 2021 Long-term care in the EU).

Update for: Lithuania   Last updated: February 10th, 2022

2.02. Deaths attributed to COVID-19 among people using long-term care

As of January 24, 2022, there have been 7,782  COVID-19 related deaths (defined as the number of deaths for which COVID-19 was identified as the primary cause of death by physicians on the death certificate), of which 415 were wards of social care institutions (5.3%) (Source: Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control). There are 13,100 residents in social care institutions in Lithuania. Therefore, the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in social care institutions represents 3.17% of all residents.

Update for: Lithuania   Last updated: February 7th, 2022   Contributors: William Byrd  |  Disha Patel  |